Learning About the Mayans – Day 4

September 11, 2017


We arrived at Cozumel early this morning. I signed up for an excursion. It has the title of Beach Buggy and Snorkel. Here is the description:

Rev up your engines and get ready for a beautiful adventure as you drive a Dune Buggy convertible along a paved road thru the pristine tropical environment along the Caribbean coastline of Cozumel!  We will snorkel inside Cozumel’s underwater national park in an offshore beach. After this, we will continue on to the eastern side of the island for a wonderful beach break at Explora Beach. Here you will swim, have fun in the sun, and enjoy a Mexican Buffet Lunch.

(Since the excursion is now over, I can certify that brochure description is very accurate. I enjoyed it very much, especially the snorkeling and the buffet. I got to drive the Dune Buggy because they are all stick shifts and not a lot of the people knew how to drive a stick.)

Here are some pictures:

At the beach, you could get a massage. Here’s the problem. The senorita who sold you the massage ticket was a young and attractive girl. However, the woman who actually gave the massage was not so young and not so attractive. I was warned in advance by the tour guide so I didn’t fall into the trap:

Drug store on the beach:

The tour guides, Many and Ramon. My experience with the tour guides on these excursions is that they are very well informed and very funny. At the end, they always ask for tips and they always deserve them:

The buffet – delicious and authentic Mexican food:

They sold cigarettes there and there were plenty of warnings. The smokers didn’t seem to care:

On the way back, we came upon a place where you could “waste away”:




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