Voy A Cuba – Day 3

June 18, 2017

Key West, Florida.

Here is what Channel 14 showed this morning as we were getting closer to Key West. We are scheduled to arrive at 12:30 PM.

I will be taking an “Excursion” around the city. Here is how that excursion is described:

Enjoy a walking tour through old town Key West and visit Hemingway’s former house and Sloppy Joe’s Bar. A stroll through the city teaches you about the Truman Little White House, Bahama Village, the Straw Market and the Key West Lighthouse. Savor the flavors of Key West with a trio of tantalizing temptations – seafood, salsa and KeyLime pie, all served with helpings of ambiance and fun. Enjoy savory samples at the Smokin’ Tuna Saloon and Peppers of Key West topped off with a visit to Kermit’s Key Lime Pie Shoppe.”

Sounds good  – Right?



Arriving in Key West

Closer View

The Empress looks pretty big, but it is actually the smallest cruise ship I have taken so far:

I saw this sign on a street in Key West. If I ever get a tattoo, this is what it is going to say (I do not dance):

Most of you are too young to have any idea what this statue represents. If you want to know just Google “V-J Day in Times Square”

90 more miles to get to Cuba:

Here is a selfie with me and the 33rd president, Harry Truman. You can Google “Key West Little White House” if you are interested in learning the city’s connection with Truman.

Now a selfie with Earnest Hemingway and myself. (I have read all of his novels and short stories):

Here are some pictures from my time in Key West:

A Restaurant/Bar named after me (the first Sloppy Joe’s):

This was the place with all the spices. They gave us samples numbered from 1 to 10 with 10 being the hottest. One by one, people stopped tasting the samples. When we got to #10 there were only two of us left – me and a guy from Italy. I had to defend the honor of my country, so I stayed in the contest. We both tried #10.

I don’t know about the Italiano, but it took about 4 hours for my vision to stop being blurred and for my tongue to stop burning … one of those things you do once and never again.

Key Lime Pie was invented in Key West. They have several versions. I tried the frozen one dipped in chocolate:

Next Stop – Havana, Cuba

7 thoughts on “Voy A Cuba – Day 3

  1. Trip looks awesome!! Love seeing your pics. I loved Key West…one of my favorite places! Did you take your picture next to the southernmost point? You gotta do it!

    1. I saw the marker, but did not take a picture. Bad on me.

      Here is a trivia question for you. What state capitol in the US is the furthest south?

      No fair using Google.

      1. Well, that would depend on whether or not you include all 50 states. If you do, then it’s Honolulu, HI. But, if you are keeping it to the mainland…that would be beautiful Austin, TX. Did you mean for that to be a trick question? I remembered that because it came up either when I visited there…or a trivia game question.

        1. You are right on both cities. That was an answer to a question on Jeopardy that I saw years sgo. I have no idea why it stuck in my mind.

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