Learning About the Mayans

August 8, 2017

For me, travelling is fun, but it can also be educational. I learned a lot about Alaska on my cruise there. I learned a lot about Cuban history when I went there.

My next trip is going to be a cruise to Cozumel (2nd time going there) and then to the Yucatan Peninsula (Progreso).

This is a 5 day cruise starting on September 9.

In keeping with my desire to combine fun with education, I am especially interested in the stop at Progreso because that is part of what was known as the Mayan Empire. The Mayan people established a very complex civilization beginning about 1,800 B.C. They flourished until about 900 A.D. when most of their great stone cities were abandoned. Since the 19th century scholars have debated what might have caused this dramatic decline.

In Progreso, I will be taking a tour of some of the impressive Mayan plazas, palaces, temples and pyramids that still stand to this very day.

Stay tuned.

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