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I retired on September 1, 2015, after 54 years in the workforce.

Right now my plan is to do some travelling around the USA and visit some of the places I have always wanted to see, but never had the time.

I created this blog to document my travels and to accept comments and suggestions from family, friends and anyone who stumbles on the site.

3 thoughts on “About This Site

  1. Awe, Joe! You’ve done it again! I almost feel like I was there with you in Cuba because of your writing ability. Stanley was along with us, because I kept him up to date with the trip. Love those cars! I’d love to just sit in a few of them to get back that late 40’s-early 50’s feeling. Thank you for sharing the trip with all of us. It’s on my “places to see” list, but don’t know if I’ll ever get there (especially now).

    Please don’t slow down, Joe. It gives me hope!

    If you have a couple of leftover cigars, I’d love to purchase them from you.

    Best regards,

    Margaret B

  2. What a trip, awesome doesn’t even describe it. I loved the cemeteries, the ship, the food and the cars. Please remember I was the first to ask for cigars. You do look like you should be from south of the border or just south 24th street.
    So glad you let us live vicariously through your travels.


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