Learning About the Mayans – Day 2

September 9,2017

At precisely 4 pm on September 9, the Carnival cruise ship Valor started its engines and set sail for Cozumel and Progreso. Here is the view from the highest point on the ship as we left Galveston and Texas and the United States of America:

OK. Everybody knows I don’t have any kids. I have no problems with the little people. I just think there are already enough people in the world, so, in a way, I am doing a good thing by not increasing the population. Kind of noble, right? Anyway, I am not alone in that opinion. That’s why, on every cruise I have been on, they have a place like this:

In the past, the cabins I have been in were very high on the ship and, looking out the window when at sea you just saw miles and miles of water. It looked like this:

On this cruise, my cabin is on the lowest deck. The window is very close to the water and there is a much different view. Sometimes the water churned up as the ship moves actually covers the entire window making you think you are under water.  It’s pretty cool and looks like this:

A good friend of mine at the Texas Workforce Commission is Lisa B. She took this same cruise a few weeks ago and recommended that I try one of the restaurants on board, called Scarlett’s Steakhouse. Normally, you have to dress formally to go here, but, on the first night of the cruise the dress code is “Cruise Casual” — right up my alley.

She was right. Here is what she recommended and what I ordered: Lobster bisque, crab cake, filet with lobster tail, Bearnaise sauce, wasabi mashed potatoes, rosemary bread. She had the cheesecake for dessert, but I opted for the “chocolate sampler.”

It was excellent and looked like this (chocolate sampler not pictured):


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